Notes on print data


  • Alternative: Packaged InDesign documents (all images, graphics & fonts)


  • Pay attention to the compliance print resolution for images (standard: between 250 and 300 dpi)


  • Fonts must be embedded in the PDF. (Please do not use TYPE-3 fonts)


  • Please plan a bleed allowance of 3 mm.
    Images and graphics on the edge (final format) must therefore extend beyond the final format. (Important content should be at least 5 mm from the edge. In principle, we do not require cutting marks, color wedges, etc.).


  • Please deliver brochures and books as single pages (no printed sheets or double pages). The page sequence in print corresponds to the chronologically correct page sequence in the PDF. (In case of perfect binding, please ask us about the required spine thickness).


  • Please send folded flyers (spiral fold, Leporello etc.) as a printed sheet (opened flyer). (Page 1 = outside)



  • In the case of e.g. die-cuts, perforations or partial print varnishes, please create these in spot colors. These should be set to overprint.


  • Positive lines should not be thinner than 0.25 pt or 0.09 mm, negative lines should not be thinner than 0.5 pt or 0.18 mm


  • As a service from us, we take into account the bundle increase in your brochures (scaling or displacement). Nevertheless, please also take this into account in your design (brochure center with overlapping images).


We will gladly adapt print data if they deviate from this standard - this will be charged by us after consultation according to effort. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.